Sophia ERP Church Management Suite

Powerful Roles in the Church

Listed below are the key roles in the church.

Member Portal

Church members can create and update their own information, browse the directory, view a ministry calendar, sign up for events, give online, and more.


Church Leadership Portal

Track all members of the church, finances and monitor the workforce team. Manage the attendance of all workers and members of the church and track the financial progress. Create announcements and schedule events.

Admin Portal

Register members of the church, users of the system and record financial payments like tithes, offering, pledges, appreciations etc.


Workforce Portal

Volunteers and workers can set their availability, and the application will show you any scheduling conflicts. Schedule once and be done.

Guests Portal

Guests can view the church service, give offering, tithes and other contributions, offering, and sign up for events.


Staff Portal

Staffs can manage assigned tasks, and give reports.