Sophia ERP Church Management Suite

Useful, supportive features

Our solution is simple to use and focuses on your congregation and church development.

Member Self Service

Manage all members personal information.

Group members into categories, teams and families.

Manage first-time guests or new members.

Give members access to specific areas in your system or restrict permissions.

Manage membership categories.

Create & Share Member Directories.



Structure members into certain groups based on specified characteristics or demographics. This may include family, location, interests and involvement with the church, age or gender.

Communicate target communication information to specific groups.

Create a stronger sense of community through the power of groups.

Manage your database through groups allows your church leaders to specific to each group.

Online Giving

Online platform integrated with payment gateway.

Track contributions and keep tabs on your church’s financial status.

Generate reports for pledges and all contributions.

Follow up with donors with receipts or giving statements.

Give access to set up recurring contributions.


Events Management

Manage and set up all general church events.

Set up department for church groups, categories and departments.

Online registration for events an integration with registration sites e.g eventbrite.

Automatically send invites and reminders on events to members and other attendees of events.



Record members check-in and check-out times at events using assigned member barcode key tag.

Track the attendance of members by assigning each member barcode key tag which is scanned at the check-in point.

Print name tags and parent security tags.

Accounts and Finances

Manage nearly all your church’s finances in one place.

Monitor growth or reduction in giving.

Integrate church accounting to make budgeting, payroll, and tracking finances even easier.

Generate financial reports for all types of contributions received and expenses paid.



Generate reports on membership, attendance, giving, projects etc.

View trends and analytics on key church metrics.

Watch these trends often indicates which people may need extra pastoral support.

Export data about attendances, church volunteers, congregation changes, contributions, donations and so much more.

Service Management

Set up custom services and add all sections of the service.

Assign workforce and ministers to services.

Send service reminders to members directly.



Send mails fast to all members and member categories using custom email editor and mailing list.

Church chat network; reach out on the go.

Bulk SMS and messages.

Attendance Track

Mobile attendance sign up for leaders, workforce, and assistants.

Generate individual membership attendance report.

Identify membership trends by monitoring attendance reports.


Branch Management

Manage branch attendance and analysis.

See performance of branches and analyze branch growth.

Maintain a clear separation of branch transactions, personnel and assets.

Assign workforce, leaders, projects etc to specific branches.

Church Social Responsibility

Create new CSR activities and update progress on the go.

Keep a log of past CSR events and activities.

Assign resources to CSR.

Monitor CSR activities and generate reports.


Church Media

Present streaming for worship services.

Countdown for the service to begin.

Display bible verses using scripture database.

Custom slides to allow a slideshow of notices or information.

Maintain Galleria for pictures, videos etc.

Download messages, books and other media resources.

Keep record of past events and activities the church has done.

Display the pictures of the events.

Celebration Track

Store and filter members celebration information like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Automatically send notifications to members on upcoming celebrations.

Grant access to members sending public and private messages to celebrant.


Facility Management

Manage church equipment, space, assets, etc.

Assign halls, rooms and offices for services and meetings.

Manage and schedule maintenance of church assets.

Project Management

Manage all church projects.

Allocate resources to church projects.

Assign members, leaders to church projects.

Track progress of project on the go.

Generate reports on project.



Manage resources for welfare.

Set up welfare programs and packages for church members.

Cell Fellowship Management

Set up cell and fellowship groups.

Allocate workforce and leaders to each fellowship.

Assign members to each cell group.



Livestream church services

Integrate with livestream and video meeting applications

Interact with members through live chat during the service

Provide Bible passages and sermon notes to help the people who are watching stay engaged

Family Management

Create a customized Directory showing individual families, pictures and contact information

Track Family attendance

rack Family celebrations


HRM & Payroll

Effectively Manage all Church HR duties and responsibilities easily and seamlessly with the HR feature

Manage church staff onboarding, employment offer, contract and other information through e-documentation

Measure church staff productivity

Bulk payroll processing and payment processing

Automated payslips for church staff

Document Management

Proper systematic document management to ensure documents are accessible whenever they are needed

Create document categories for easy accessbility

E-documentation and E-signature

Advanced search; Indepth search for files and documents using keywords and meta tags

Keep track of updates made to all documents through Document Version control


Rota Manager

Eliminate the risk of misplaced paper rota by keeping your tasks, staff, workforce/volunteers and leaders and all relevant information in one place

Create tasks and assign people based on specific preferences, block out dates, conflicts, and declined requests

Send scheduling information and updates to people via text, email, or push notifications on the app

Automated reminders on schedule and duties



Grant members easy to sermon information anytime and anywhere

Create sermon category based on day, service type, preacher etc

Generate sharable sermon link for easy access


Eliminate paper request and approval for purchase of Church items, equipment etc through the cloud based church procurement app

View and manage all requisition requests in one place

Approve or decline requests on the go

Automate purchase order creation

View analysis and reports on procured items over a period of time e.g monthly, quarterly, annually

Manage all church item suppliers and vendors from one location


Communicate service information, celebration etc with members at any time within seconds

Create member announcement groups for specified information

Contact your congregation via phone, text, and email and in app chat all from a single location

Discussion Board

Create general discussion board for members to air their opinions on issues

Create specific discussion board for workforce, leader etc to discuss issues peculiar to them

Regulate/moderate discussion on discussion boards


Attract, recruit and manage paid employees to the church using a dynamic recruitment platform

Create job descriptions and post online to job sites

Set skill preference like must-have and nice-to-have skills for a job role before publishing

View all applicants for from one central location

Sort and filter candidates based on pre-set skillset and requirements

Automatically create interview schedules and add candidates to schedules

Assess candidates performance during an interview session

Manage offer letters and onboarding plans for new staff

Follow Up Management

Church Admin can:

Keep a database of all guests and first timers

Track attendance of guests and first timers over a period of time

Automate follow up messages to guests

Set reminders for follow up team to check up on guests and first timers

Receive notifications when guests responds or sends a message

Get reports and analysis of guests and first timers in the church over a particular period of time

Guests and first timers can:

Receive follow up messages from the church

Give feedback on the service attended

Asset management

Effectively organize all church assets in a central location

Keep inventory of unlimited number of assets

Track an unlimited number of assets.

Attach pictures, user guide, and other files to assets easily

Check items out to employees and volunteer and maintain a full history of usage

Print and save asset reports in a variety of formats

Track related vendors and contacts

Calculate and maintain fixed asset depreciation schedule

Chat Rooms

Inapp chat rooms for members’ personal discussion

Members can send personalized congratulatory message to celebrants

Diocese Management

Manage details of all churches and branches in a diocese

Get branch attendance and member analysis

See member, financial etc performance of branches and analyze growth over a period of time

Maintain a clear separation of branch transactions, personnel and assets

Assign workforce, leaders, projects etc to parishes in the Diocese

Approval Workflows

Create automated workflow processes for all major tasks and decisions such as communications, schedules, tasks, announcements, celebrations etc

Create streamlined approval for welfare, procurement, events, schedule requests etc from members, volunteers, employees etc

Create workflow for Automated reports saving you valuable time, maintaining the database, and keeping all stakeholders in the know