Sophia ERP Church Management Suite

Useful, supportive features

Our solution is simple to use and focuses on your congregation and church development.

Membership Management

✔ Manage all members personal information.

✔ Group members into categories, teams and families.

✔ Manage first-time guests or new members.

✔ Give members access to specific areas in your system or restrict permissions.

✔ Manage membership categories.

✔ Create & Share Member Directories.



✔ Structure members into certain groups based on specified characteristics or demographics. This may include family, location, interests and involvement with the church, age or gender.

✔ Communicate target communication information to specific groups.

✔ Create a stronger sense of community through the power of groups.

✔ Manage your database through groups allows your church leaders to specific to each group.

Online Giving

✔ Online platform integrated with payment gateway.

✔ Track contributions and keep tabs on your church’s financial status.

✔ Generate reports for pledges and all contributions.

✔ Follow up with donors with receipts or giving statements.

✔ Give access to set up recurring contributions.


Events & check-Ins

✔ Manage and set up all general church events.

✔ Set up department for church groups, categories and departments.

✔ Online registration for events an integration with registration sites e.g eventbrite.

✔ Record members check-in and check-out times at events using assigned member barcode key tag.

✔ Automatically send invites and reminders on events to members and other attendees of events.

✔ Track the attendance of members by assigning each member barcode key tag which is scanned at the check-in point.

✔ Print name tags and parent security tags.


✔ Manage nearly all your church’s finances in one place.

✔ Monitor growth or reduction in giving.

✔ Integrate church accounting to make budgeting, payroll, and tracking finances even easier.

✔ Generate financial reports for all types of contributions received and expenses paid.



✔ Generate reports on membership, attendance, giving, projects etc.

✔ View trends and analytics on key church metrics.

✔ Watch these trends often indicates which people may need extra pastoral support.

✔ Export data about attendances, church volunteers, congregation changes, contributions, donations and so much more.

Service Management

✔ Set up custom services and add all sections of the service.

✔ Assign workforce and ministers to services.

✔ Send service reminders to members directly.



✔ Send mails fast to all members and member categories using custom email editor and mailing list.

✔ Church chat network; reach out on the go.

✔ Bulk SMS and messages.

Attendance Track

✔ Mobile attendance sign up for leaders, workforce, and assistants.

✔ Generate individual membership attendance report.

✔ Identify membership trends by monitoring attendance reports.


Branch Management

✔ Manage branch attendance and analysis.

✔ See performance of branches and analyze branch growth.

✔ Maintain a clear separation of branch transactions, personnel and assets.

✔ • Assign workforce, leaders, projects etc to specific branches.

Church Social Responsibility

✔ Create new CSR activities and update progress on the go.

✔ Keep a log of past CSR events and activities.

✔ Assign resources to CSR.

✔ Monitor CSR activities and generate reports.


Church Media

✔ Present streaming for worship services.

✔ Countdown for the service to begin.

✔ Display bible verses using scripture database.

✔ Custom slides to allow a slideshow of notices or information.

✔ Maintain Galleria for pictures, videos etc.

✔ Download messages, books and other media resources.

✔ Keep record of past events and activities the church has done.

✔ Display the pictures of the events.

Celebration Track

✔ Store and filter members celebration information like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

✔ Automatically send notifications to members on upcoming celebrations.

✔ Grant access to members sending public and private messages to celebrant.



✔ Manage church equipment, space, assets, etc.

✔ Assign halls, rooms and offices for services and meetings.

✔ Manage and schedule maintenance of church assets.


✔ Manage all church projects.

✔ Allocate resources to church projects.

✔ Assign members, leaders to church projects.

✔ Track progress of project on the go.

✔ Generate reports on project.



✔ Manage resources for welfare.

✔ Set up welfare programs and packages for church members.

Fellowship Management

✔ Set up cell and fellowship groups.

✔ Allocate workforce and leaders to each fellowship.

✔ Assign members to each cell group.



✔ Livestream church services.

✔ Integrate with livestream and video meeting applications.

✔ Interact with members through live chat during the service.

✔ Provide Bible passages and sermon notes to help the people who are watching stay engaged.