Sophia ERP Church Management Portals

Powerful Portals for key Roles in the Church

Sophia ERP Church App ships with specialized Portals for the core Roles and Functions applicable to all Churches of any size and in every location.

Member Self Service Portal

Church members can create and update their own and family profile and contact information, browse the member directory, sign up for events, access sermon messages, request welfare, give online and more.


Church Leadership Portal

Leaders can manage, interact and communicate effectively with their teams. The Portal allows for easy assigning and tracking of tasks, managing team welfare and reporting on leadership role and more.

Admin Portal

Administrators can manage all member profile & contact information and other key functions including group/department/ministry mgt., finance reporting, church service operations, attendance tracking, check-in of members, welfare mgt and more.


Workforce Portal

Volunteers and workers can access their Service Unit group and interact with their leader(s) and co-workers. Portal allows easy Tasks/Projects or Activities reporting and more.

Guests Portal

Guests can view and participate in church services, give offering, tithe or make other contributions as well as make enquiries about church programs and more.


Staff Portal

Core Church staff can manage their Profile, Contact, Professional Records, participate in Appraisals and effectively manage church projects, opertions and every aspect of church ministry.

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