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Member size: 100
Free Church ERP for small churches


Member Size : 500 Administrator Accounts: 3 For small to medium churches who desire more features


Member size : 1,000 Administrator Accounts: 5 For small to medium churches who want do more with Technology


Member Size: 2,000 Administrator Accounts: More Features and Apps for large churches


Member Size: 5,000 Administrator Accounts: Unlimited Smarter Church Management for Larger churches


Member size: Unlimited Administrator Accounts: Unlimited Enterprise Plan for Diocese & Large with unlimited members

Tech Innovation Hub

CS-TIH is a partnership initiative of Techiefy UK & Sophia ERP through its Coding Platform - Coder Series, in order to accelerate digital learning and innovation for social impact among kids in the church community.

In view of our mission to inspire 1,000 kids by 2030 who will learn and deploy Tech solutions for global impact, the Coder Series Tech Innovation Hub has been setup to partner with churches, corporates, schools and other interested organisations who are interested in positioning their kids to be a part of the global drive to innovate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) along with their counterparts from across the world.


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