Finally, Church Management Software That
Does It All

Sophia ERP Church Management Suite
helps you run your church from one place.

Sophia ERP Church Management Suite
supports your ministry work

With the following Roles

Useful, supportive features

Our solution is simple to use and focuses on your congregation and church development.

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Membership Management

✔ Manage all members personal information.

✔ Group members into categories, teams and families.

✔ Manage first-time guests or new members.

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Events & Check-Ins

✔ Manage and set up all general church events.

✔ Set up department for church groups, categories and departments.

✔ Online registration for events an integration with registration sites e.g eventbrite.

✔ Record members check-in and check-out times at events using assigned member barcode key tag.

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Service Management

✔ Set up custom services and add all sections of the service.

✔ Assign workforce and ministers to services.

✔ Send service reminders to members directly.

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Attendance Tracking

✔ Mobile attendance sign up for leaders, workforce, and assistants.

✔ Generate individual membership attendance report.

✔ Identify membership trends by monitoring attendance reports.

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